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Large-format photographs, exciting film footage, exhibits such as a gigantic whale skeleton and two other highlights: a sound booth in which visitors can listen to the sounds of the world's oceans and "The Wave", an immersive installation where you see life-size sea creatures on a 40 meter high screen. Visitors can experience all of this in the Planet Ocean exhibition in the Gasometer Oberhausen.

We visited the exhibition opening day, we heard the cracking of coral in the sound booth, marveled at the underwater world on the gigantic screen and were entranced by the great underwater photos. There is also a lot of interesting information about our oceans and the impressive view from the roof of the gasometer.

The exhibition attracted around 115,000 visitors in the first three weeks. More than ever before at the start of one of the always well-attended Gasometer exhibitions! We are really happy for the Gasometer and that we are involved with our audio tours and audio guides.

Photos: © Dirk Böttger, Gasometer Oberhausen and © Florian Reim, soundgarden

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