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accessible • intuitive • universal

The classical audio guide reinterpreted for the modern day. Extend the scope of your media content. With our app, you can already reach your visitors before they even leave their home. You can integrate social media or additional information like ticket prices, opening hours, directions etc. into your guide system. And all this is possible on visitors’ personal devices or through rental devices provided on site.

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Audio & Multimedia guides

intuitive • innovative • informative

soundgarden has the ideal audio and multimedia guide for every exhibition. By offering both our Luma product range and models from other manufacturers, we are perfectly equipped to deliver on all your content-related and technical requirements every step of the way. 

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Guide content

Expand horizons, inspire listeners

We specialise in turning your expertise into exhilarating guides for visitors. We can write or edit your guide texts, translate these meticulously into your desired languages and then record the audio narration at our in-house studio. Our sound engineers can then augment the audio tracks with voice-overs, atmospheric sounds or music to set the perfect tone. 

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Group guides

reliable • compact • flexible

Address your group directly without disturbing other visitors. Whether you are touring museums or production sites, enjoying themed walks or bus journeys – soundgarden’s group guide systems are the right choice for every area of application.

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ActiveGuide & SolarGuide

The autonomous audio system for the great outdoors

These ingenious devices can be placed in forests, zoos or parks – just about anywhere where they have to withstand the elements and operate without an external power supply. The ActiveGuide is powered by visitors using the in-built hand crank. The SolarGuide is powered by ther sun. Up to 10 push buttons can be integrated to activate audio tracks. Thanks to their metalcasing and powder-coated finish, ActiveGuide & SolarGuide are ideally equipped to stand up to the demands of the great outdoors.

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