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Our top-notch audio guidance systems and related services are also available within the framework of a comprehensive and flexible financing service.

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By selling our systems to you, we commit to a long-standing partnership. Our audio guidance systems are intended to be used for at least 5 years, with guaranteed availability on replacement parts for 10 years. We also make it straightforward to switch to a newer system should your requirements change.

We have a sizeable pool of devices for audio, multimedia and group guidance. This ensures we can equip your special exhibitions as required and react flexibly to increasing visitor numbers.

Audio guides are a vital pillar of visitor information – and they should be available at little or no extra cost.

By taking advantage of our profit-sharing models, you can minimise your risks for both special exhibitions as well as long-term projects. We offer an inclusive and an optional model:

  • Inclusive model:
    The inclusive model sees every visitor receive an audio guide. This offering is financed by soundgarden receiving a portion of the admission fees generated.
  • Optional model:
    The optional model sees visitors pay a rental fee for the audio guide. The costs for this service are then directly covered by the rental fees paid.