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Tassilo, Korbinian & the Bear


A saint taming a bear. A ruler who rules like a king. And the founding of the Diocese of Freising. This year's Bavarian State Exhibition is all about Bavaria in the early Middle Ages. More specifically about “Tassilo, Korbinian and the Bear”. They all lived in a time when Bavaria extended to South Tyrol, Upper Austria, Carinthia and Slovenia. That was around 1300 years ago! At that time, the Agilolfinger ruling clan had the power. They opened up the country with new monasteries, duchies and bishoprics. A Bavarian kingdom was within reach! And Saint Korbinian became Freisings first bishop.

The audio texts, written by the House of Bavarian History Augsburg and edited and recorded by us, lead visitors to the most important exhibits. From hundreds of years old documents to the most famous bears in Bavaria and sensational archaeological finds to the Tassilo Liutpirc Chalice. The precious chalice from the 770s, which came from Kremsmünster to Freising, especially for this year's Bavarian State Exhibition. While the exhibition is open in the newly renovated Diocesan Museum in Freising, until November 3rd, 2024, the Tassilo Liutpirc Chalice will only be on display in Freising until June 16th, 2024.

Our audio tours are available in German, English and as a German audio description. They are spoken by Maria Rabl, Clemens Nicol and Philipp Rafferty. Their voices can all be heard on site via our Luma CLASSIC audio guides, or via our GuideAPP, on your own mobile phone.

Photos: © Diözesanmuseum Freising | Photo: Thomas Dashuber Photography; © Lennart Preiss / HdBG; © Museum Man and Nature

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