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Doberlug palace museum


Doberlug palace museum made of stone, is a witness to the noble hunting and festival culture of the Baroque period. Two new audio tours, visitors can see the permanent exhibition about Prussian noble treasures within Saxon walls. Around 400 objects from the Dohna-Schlobitten Collection tell of the privileges, duties and life of the Central European nobility. The finest porcelain, precious tapestries, magnificent furniture and numerous paintings - they all once belonged to the noble Dohnas family and were originally located in Schlobitten Castle. When the Second World War broke out, the Schlobitten Castle burned down. Today only ruins remain. But the last lord of the castle, Alexander Prince of Dohna-Schlobitten, was able to save a large part of the art inventory. Even before he planned the escape of his family and two villages, he placed numerous family treasures with friends and relatives.

These contemporary witnesses - from precious silver tankards to the silver-gilt toilet service - are now in Doberlug palace museum. Here they provide exciting insights into the former life of the nobility. In marriage strategies, self-presentation appropriate to one's status and of course life in the castle. We were able to write and produce two audio tours on these exciting topics. One for adults and one for children. In the latter, Dora the jackdaw "flies" from room to room with her listeners. The children's tour is narrated by Angelina Markiefka, who gave the bird lady a wonderfully cheerful and lively voice with her acting talent. Adults, on the other hand, hear the voice of our aristocratic speaker Fabian von Klitzing. There is even a coat of arms of his family in Doberlug Castle!

Photos: © MVEE/Franke

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