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The oceans are the largest habitat on our planet - and yet the least explored. Humanity actually knows more about the moon than about the depths of the world's oceans. A good reason to go to Oberhausen! Here, the new “Planet Ocean”exhibition takes visitors on a journey of discovery, to fascinating life forms in the oceans. For example, bizarre deep-sea fish that lives in icy cold waters and darkness, or squids that attract potential partners with glowing bodies.

The exhibition in the Gasometer Oberhausen is not only dedicated to animals, plants and the protection of the underwater world, but also to the threat and littering of the oceans by humans. Large-format photos by experienced underwater photographers show beaches flooded with plastic waste, animals entangled in plastic waste and numerous negative consequences of overfishing and global warming.

Our audio tours are available in German, English and Dutch. They are all enriched with exciting additional information from GEO and can be heard either via our GuideApp on your cell phone or via our Luma Classic audio guides. For younger visitors there is also a special children's tour with an interactive quiz on our Luma Pro audio guides. This time not with the Gasolo figure - the good spirit of the Gasometer - but with his lively cousin Gasoline.

In addition to the on-site vernissage, a particular highlight for us was the recording with GEO reporter Mr. Dirk Steffens (photo). The well-known television presenter and science journalist came to our studio for the German version of the adult tour. We enjoyed listening up close to his personal stories of his own experiences in the world's seas. Exciting stories that can also be heard in the Gasometer exhibition, running until December 2024.

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