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During the Corona period, our Markus Lauckhardt, soundgarden head of operational business, had an idea. Outdoor listening stations! He already knew them from other manufacturers, but now it had to be German made by soundgarden. Markus went to work with our technician Florian Reim. The new outdoor listening station should be stable and waterproof. Has to withstand wind and rain. Work in the open air without a power connection and easy to install. Easy to operate and be used by small and big. Of course reproduce content in the best sound.

We created two different models: the ActiveGuide and the SolarGuide. Little houses in bright yellow (or other colors) that play audio files at the push of a button. With the ActiveGuide, visitors generate electricity themselves by easily turning the large crank. With the SolarGuide, the sun provides sufficient energy thanks to solar panels mounted on its roof. A common feature of the two: Recycled technology from our older audio guide players, hidden inside. True to the motto “Reuse old and create new”.

Three of our customers already testing the new products thoroughly: In the Seinsheim vineyards, one of our ActiveGuides is a “wine information box”, already boosted sales of certain wines. The other ActiveGuide , in the "center of Lower Franconia", in Büchold, you crank to play different dialects at a push of a button. Our first installed SolarGuide enjoys the sun in the Ipsheim wine region. There, on the hiking route near Hoheneck Castle it provides information about the wines, the surrounding area and the Frankenhöhe Nature Park.

soundgarden audioguidance GmbH, April 2024.

Photos: from the opening of the SolarGuide in Ipsheim. A collaboration with the Frankenhöhe Nature Park and the municipality of Ipsheim.

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