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SOULMATES: Jawlensky and Werefkin


From 24 October, the Lenbachhaus in Munich is dedicating a large exhibition to two central figures from The Blue Rider artists’ group: Marianne von Werefkin and Alexej von Jawlensky. The exhibition is entitled “Soulmates” in reference to the special relationship between the two artists. Werefkin and Jawlensky spent almost three decades together, sharing an eventful life in which their relationship was in a constant state of flux. In addition to tracking the artistic evolution of the two expressionists, the exhibition also picks up on the personal connection between the two painters.

The audio guide was narrated by Daniela Witte and Matthias Klie. Daniela Witte has been providing us with thoughtful and intelligent narration for years. She made her name in the 1980s as a presenter of the Tagesschau TV news show. Matthias Klie, who provides the German dubbing voice for Mads Mikkelsen, narrated the texts with exemplary feel for the art as well as plenty of character to boot.

The exhibition will also appear from 13.3.2020 at the Museum Wiesbaden.

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