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The magic of Caspar David Friedrich can never be broken. This is also shown by the number of visitors to the Hamburger Kunsthalle on the occasion of Friedrich's 250th birthday. Hunderts of thousands of people had seen the Caspar David Friedrich special exhibition.

Parts of soundgarden team has already been there – and were thrilled. From the beautiful works, but equally from the response to the audio guide tours we produced, which could be seen on many of the visitors' cell phones. Regardless of whether they are old or young, the audience listened to the information in the app, immersed themselves in the images and can perhaps escape the hustle and bustle of the exhibition for a short time. The audio tour was available for adults in German, English and easy language, with audio description, in German sign language and of course for children.

Of course, the best thing about our projects is when everyone involved immediately gets excited about an exhibition. And that was exactly the case with Caspar David Friedrich. While the audio tour was being produced, project managers, sound engineers and speakers were already making plans to visit the exhibition, which was to be seen in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The true magic of Caspar David Friedrich only reveals itself when you feel the atmosphere of his unique landscape depictions and at the same time discover completely new details in the works with the audio guide tour.

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