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GuideAPP at the Buchheim Museum


With the redesign of the Expressionist Hall in the Buchheim Museum - the artists of the "Brücke" are now joined by works by Max Beckmann - the range of audio tours has also been expanded. In addition to the classic audio guide Luma CLASSIC, visitors can now also use our GuideAPP.

The GuideAPP is designed as a platform-independent webapp. The visitor buys a ticket, scans the printed QR code with his smartphone and is automatically taken to the start page of the app. Here he can select the desired exhibits by entering the numbers directly or by selecting from a list.

The token integrated in the QR code regulates access to the webapp. Once the preset validity of the token has expired, the contents of the guided tour are no longer available. Of course, the token can also be issued without restriction and the visitor can review his visit at home.

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