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The independent audio system

for outdoors


You are standing in a forest, a zoo or a park, indeed, wherever it may be wet and mains power is unavailable. Here, you may power the "Eco-Box," built by the Canadian producer Tour-Mate, using a hand-crank. Audio tracks can be stored and retrieved using optionally 2 to 8 push buttons. Housed in a heavy-gauge aluminium case and finished with a powder-coat paint, the Eco-Boxes are particularly suitable for outdoor use in environments subject to extreme weather conditions.

Available models are

-          Eco-Box100: Standard version

-          Eco-Box150: The crank facilitates operation for the  physically impaired

-            Eco-Box200: Built-in capacitors store for up to 90 seconds the power created by turning the crank

Examples: Markt Diedorf, Open Air Museum Molfsee 

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